History and Philosophy

It was snow falling winter in 2013 when the story begins with a big self and social commitment to have wind of change in our life. So our crew members started to find the reason what is making them happier to do in their life and they found the answer to make happy other. To see the others happiness and their smile in their face made them more happy and peaceful. So this 'Awesome' crew got a natural super power that is they have "ExcellenceMind". Now the journey begins with a slogan "Discover Your Potential Life" to be an 'Awesome Excellence Minded' personality.

'ExcellenceMind' is helping and caring on entrepreneurial business development and regeneration program. We also specialized on motivation, taking action, education, self development & success programming. Our professional team and network helps people all around the world that an ordinary person how can set up a smart mind game to organize their big dreams and pursue their dreams! Make it happen!


The Anchor

Introducing the mind designer, multicultural sensed a great motivator, natural life philosopher and the author of our team. Professionally he is an international business developer in corporate territory of sales and marketing. His interest on human psychology, NLP, personal development and mind research. We find him as always a person who is a great motivator and powerful inspiration for our happiness and success.
He defined a simple and easy behavioral method could change our stressful mass life to be a disciplined, peaceful and successful lifestyle. His 19 years of educational and professional experimental life made him as an Excellence Minded personality. His inspiration and hard work on human mind research helping us to create such a precious platform for our global community and their wellness.